The conference location and accommodation

The conference location
Dalian Infine Hotel
Add:No.135Jinma Road Development Zone, Dalian, China  

Dear representative:
Due to the tight accommodation in Dalian during the conference, the number of rooms reserved for the hotel is limited. Please refer to the hotel reservation information before September 30, so as to provide you with the conference service. Thank you.

Hotel and catering contact information


Tel: Lijuan Wang <0086-15641124898>
Booking number <0086-411-39968888-999>

Mode of transport
The hotel is easily accessible from Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport, Dalian Train Station and Dalian North Railway Station. Taking a taxi is the most convenient way to get to the Infine hotel. And please note that Dalian Infine Hotel is about 60-minute drive from Dalian Train Station, about 50-minute drive from the Zhoushuizi International Airport and about 30-minute drive from Dalian North Railway Station. 

Note: As the conference's organizer, we will provide traffic guidance services at the arriving exit B in Zhoushuizi International Airport (Oct. 11-12 10:00am-15:00pm Beijing time)

If you can’t speak Chinese, please show the following sentence to the taxi driver if necessary.
Please take me to Dalian Infine Hotel (No.135, Jinma Road,Dalian Economy and Technology Development Zone).
Have a good time!

Transportation Reference (Taxi):
(1)50-minute drive from Zhoushuizi International Airport (Exit B). The transport fare is about 100CNY;

(2)30-minute drive from Dalian North Railway Station. The transport fare is about 50CNY;

(3)60-minute drive from Dalian Train Station. The transport fare is about 80CNY;

Recommended hotel
【 Dalian Infine Hotel】
(Registration) No.135Jinma Road Development Zone, Dalian
Booking number:0086-411-39968888-999
Business King Room  30m²   (Including one breakfast):570CNY

Business Double Room 30m² (Including two breakfast):630CNY

Business VIP Room 38m²(Including one breakfast):670CNY
Exceutive VIP Room 38m²(Including one breakfast):770CNY

Organizing committee
October 8, 2017